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  • As of today, you can #PLAY on L2Baron.com and Win daily #REAL #MONEY.
    How is that possible? Read more..
    After hundreds of requests we decided to import the Real Money Trader (RMT) in our server.
    You can now place your items in our Auction House so that other players can buy them with Donation Coins,
    these Donation Coins will deposit directly to your Inventory.
    You can contact our GM Team, trade your Donation Coins with them and you can earn #Real #Money.
    You can earn your reward with one of the following payout methods:
    a. Paypal
    b. Western Union
    c. Paysafe Card
    d. Moneysafe Card
    Feel free to ask anything regarding Real Money Trader here.

    Just like the previous opening, to create big competition between clan-ally, 16 days after opening our server there will be an event at Aden Castle where all the big clans will be able to take part.
    The Clan, which will win this event on July 29, 2018, Clan leader will be awarded  100 Euro Payout!
     The payout will be concluded through: Bank, PayPal, Western Union, Monosafecard but also by Paysafecard.

    After the server's huge success in February 2018 and seeing that there is no interesting interlude good vs evil server from L2Baron, we decided to reopen your favorite server on 13-07-2018 at 20:00!
    If the first time we opened we had reached the tenth place in the world this time our goal is even bigger.
    That's why we've radically upgraded our server by integrating prototypes and new features to offer a truly competitive but fair server to our audience.

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