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Title: L2Baron Aden Castle Event at 17-02-2018!Don't Miss It!
Post by: Admin Jordan on January 03, 2018, 07:55:40 PM

Hello and welcome to our Community!All of you maybe hear about our Project!Is a Good Vs Evil Interlude Server!!Because we want to Force you jump in on our Server we will open one Special Event for all the big clans.This Event take place at Aden Castle,Server will open at 02-02-2018 and after 15 days The First Siege will be on Aden castle!So the clan who will take Aden Castle and keep it until the end of the siege will be Rewarded Instant With 100 Real Euro After the end of the Siege!We know that is not the biggest amount of moneys on this reward but we will open one more Event after the first one on Rune Castle For More 100 Real Euro!
Payout methods : Paysafecard/Paypal/Western Union/Moneysafecard or Deposit on you Bank Account!